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          Interesting thought from Hesbighesred.

          If you?ll allow me the indulgence, I?d like to take a moment to look ahead to the final, and to tell you what I?d like to see there.

          I?d like to see us be the favourites.
          What do I mean by that?

          I mean that I would like us?
          • to believe that we are the...
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          LFC v THFC 1/6/19

          May 15, 2019, 11:44:25 am by Hinesy

          LFC v THFC. A few simple letters that state a fact, but a fact so full of feelings and bewilderment. It ought to have been BCL v AJX. It probably ought to have been BCL v MCFC. I see the burgermeisters of UEFA also had both Spanish clubs in opposite sides of the draw for a Barca/Real final.

          But its not. No, it is not.

          So here it is. Some of us would have preferred to...
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